High income Slimming License

"Would you like to earn an extra £5000 to £10,000+ per month from your existing health, beauty or fitness business?"

We can show you how to maximise your income by providing an additional service to your clients which helps them lose weight naturally through our unique 'accelerated' fat reducing methods. Weight losses of between 20 and 33+ pounds are the 'norm'.

Key License Benefits:

We have built up a successful business and are now looking to expand across the UK through licensing businesses and professionals in the health, beauty and fitness sectors to deliver our unique and proven Slimming Solution in their local area.

And thats just a quick overview!


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High income Slimming Franchise



High income Slimming Franchise

Slim Well

The Ultimate Slimming Solution

Business Opportunity for the Health, Beauty and Fitness Industries

High income Slimming Franchise